We work with Travellers to build a just, inclusive and welcoming community in and through faith


Death is an all too frequent in the life of Travellers. The high rate of death in infancy and early childhood, In addition to the often sudden and untimely passing of young men and women highlights the precarious nature of life for Travellers.

When my wife died, it was like my heart was breaking in two. My family was a great help to me at that time. When she died, the family spread the word about, it was important to tell people and she had a great turnout for her funeral. She was well thought of and it was good for the family to know this, it helped a little. I had masses said for her, for her to know I still thought of her.

Infant mortality: Three times higher than the settled population

Still births: Twice the national average

Age profile: 5% live to be 50 years old
                    2% live to be 65 years old

“Any religion concerned with the souls of people and not concerned with the slums that damn them, the economics that strangle them and the social conditions that imprison them is a molly coddle religion awaiting burial”
Martin Luther King

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