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Discrimination & Prejudice


Racism is a wound in Humanity’s side that mysteriously remains open. Everyone, therefore, must take efforts to heal it with great firmness and patience.

(The Church and Racism, John Paul II, 1988)

discrimination_2As a Traveller, prejudice has walked with me on my path of life, as a child and into my adult life. Forced onto my life has been the experience of fear, hurt and pain because of the ignorance of others. As a child I could not understand why this was so. As I grew, I discovered fear was at its core, a fear that in most cases came from ignorance of my reality. People have allowed their hearts to become darkened to the truth of our faith, a truth we all exist within…

When we fail to see the face of Christ reflected in the other then we have also chosen not to see the face of Christ reflected in ourselves. The barriers that exist within ourselves we have created and it is here that our prejudices are at home…

The key to unlocking our prejudice is to see beneath our fear. To know a person by name is to know their reality- too easy do we forget that we are a redeemed people. Traveller and Settled are equally the children of God. I have found the truth of who I am within the words of my god and in finding my own truth, I have found the truth of others. In seeking your reality In God you discover the reality of all.


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