We work with Travellers to build a just, inclusive and welcoming community in and through faith

Communion and Confirmation

comconf_1No Traveller would ever forget their communion.

The sacraments are very important to Travellers and celebrate special moments on their journey of faith throughout life. First Communion is a huge family occasion with great preparations and effort to make the day one to remember. Traveller children preparing for communion are becoming more aware of God’s presence in their lives.

It is the day that the child feels extra special and gets all dressed up for the meeting with God. Every parent will make sure that their child gets this sacrament as we look upon it with so much respect.



Confirmation, which celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit, is also a very special event in Traveller’s lives. It celebrates an important transition in faith and life, a rite of passage and the beginning of a shift from childhood to adulthood. It is the time when Traveller children take on more responsibility at home.

Confirmation is a special gift from God and we have great respect for it.

“Prayer is the way we let God loose in the world. Prayer is a dangerous activity and the liturgy and sacraments are our most powerful and fervent prayers”.

Megan McKenna

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