We work with Travellers to build a just, inclusive and welcoming community in and through faith


Traveller culture is always changing and developing but no matter how much it changes, a Traveller will always be a Traveller. This is because Travellers are an ethnic group of people. If you ask a settled person, “what are you?”  the answer will be, “I’m a farmer”, or “a post man”, or “a teacher”. Ask a Traveller ,”What are you?” and the answer will be, “I’m a McDonagh”, or “one of the Joyces”, or “a Collins”.

Family, both immediate and extended is the heart of the Traveller community. Family ties are very important, being linked to uncles, aunts, grandparents, grandchildren etc. one of the keys to understanding Travellers is to appreciate the role the family plays in forming their identity and shaping their views on life.

Due to the fact that families are so close and interwoven, if an individual needs help or is in trouble, the whole family becomes involved. Family loyalty is a very important value for Travellers.

Being a Traveller is the feeling of belonging to a group of people. Knowing through thick and thin they are there for you, having the support of family systems, having an identity.

“The family is the place where different generations come together and help one another to grow wiser and harmonise the rights of individuals with other demands of social life; as such it constitutes the basis of society.”,

Vatican II
Church in the Modern world 52

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