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Recognising and Challenging Antigypsyism

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When it is not named, antigypsyism has the power to become normalised. In this way, antigypsyism creates and legitimises poverty, poor accommodation, poor health and poor education; “It inverts cause and effect.” (Alliance Against Antigypsyism, Antigypsyism – a reference paper, June 2017, 3)

Imagine where rubbish comprising of garden waste is dumped in an area where a transient Traveller trader stopped over and then the Local Authority takes funds to clean up the area from its budget for Traveller Accommodation. The logic appears to be “Travellers dumped the rubbish, so Travellers pay; and moreover, Travellers cannot ask for an Ethnic Identifier and then dispute this reasoning”. The argument appeals to common sense and would probably have broad support from the general public. It would be no surprise if such practices were found to be the normal response to such a situation. Some local representatives might champion the “indigenous Travellers” while supporting the work of the Local Authority staff who must find their way to manage the situation; and so the system operates and no-one voices an objection usually. However, Travellers are left behind as Strategies and Programmes fail to really improve the conditions in which they live; and the unsaid premise is “it must be their own fault”.

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